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3 Reasons Why Shopify Plus Beats BigCommerce Enterprise in Mobile Commerce

Are you planning to start an e-commerce venture? Or else, are you moving to an enterprise e-commerce platform as your business has overgrown the current one? Either the case, you need to have a deep understanding of the current trend in the online arena. With internet growth, innovations are becoming a day to day thing. If you are old enough, you recall times when telephone booths were usual. Days came, and they no longer exist. Mobile devices replaced them. Calling became easy.

3 Reasons Why Shopify Plus Beats BigCommerce Enterprise in Mobile Commerce

To date, the innovation is now moving the business to the mobile devices. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, the phones are no longer mobile booths. They currently have computing features and other aspects that enable you and your customers to exchange money with goods. In a simpler term, mobile commerce is becoming a norm. With this development, enterprise businesses are not sacred cows.

For you to succeed, you must choose an enterprise e-commerce platform that will enable you to realize your company goals through mobile-based sales. When considering BigCommerce and Shopify, the latter is the best option. If you need to know why and how? Here are the three ways on why Shopify plus is a good idea for mobile e-commerce:

Mobile-based selling apps

Mobile-based selling apps

Apps are the basic components in a mobile device. If you want to play games on your smartphone or tablet, you must install an app for that game. Also, if you want to pay through them, you need to have an app for the particular payment gateway. Shopify is aware of such needs. In this essence, it powers your online selling by providing you with an array of mobile apps. You can install the apps on your mobile phone and harness your m-commerce. In contrary, BigCommerce enterprise does not have any mobile app. Hence, it can be a challenge to reach out to your customers through their mobile devices.

Offers an array of high responsive website templates

If you are not new to the e-commerce arena

If you are not new to the e-commerce arena, you understand the need for having a responsive template. For the newbies, responsiveness is the ability of a template to adjust to the screen size and device your customer or visitor is using to access your site. For instance, your e-commerce website can learn the type of device the visitor is using and offer them a view based on it. However, this is not possible if your platform does not offer such templates. Having highly responsive website templates helps you to attract more customers. The aspect harnesses customer experience which is a pillar in driving sales. Shopify Plus helps you to offer mobile-based customer experience by offering an array of highly responsive website templates. With it, you can offer customized mobile experience to your customers. This way, you will surge your sales and transform your site into a customer magnet. BigCommerce enterprise lack prioritization of the mobile commerce. Hence, with it, it is challenging to drive sales through mobile devices.

Customized payment gateway for mobile device

Shopify realizes the need to save your transaction cost. They understand that customers need a secure gateway to pay for their products or services. In this essence, it proceeds with its mission of being a one-stop e-commerce business solution through offering Shopify Pay. Your customers can install it in their mobile devices and pay you directly. This way, you save their cost. Also, saving this enhances their purchasing power. So, you have a high chance of winning an additional sale from them. On the other hand, BigCommerce enterprise does not have a dedicated payment gateway. You have to rely on third-party gateways which customers might be suspicious about their data security.