//BigcommerceVs. Shopify Plus: Why You Should Consider The Latter When Focusing On Mobile Commerce

BigcommerceVs. Shopify Plus: Why You Should Consider The Latter When Focusing On Mobile Commerce

In the 21st century, e-commerce is replacing brick and mortar business model. As internet coverage continue harnessing, it is digitizing everything. Shopping and selling online is becoming a norm. Customers are no longer willing to visit in-stores for shopping purposes. Enterprise customers are not left out in this transformation. As a company dealing with sellers and service providers, you need to conform to the new norm.

When you think of selling online, BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus are the leading enterprise e-commerce platform that can help you grow. However, technology is changing e-commerce to mobile commerce. Unlike a few years ago, customers are shifting to mobile-based online shopping. Research shows more than 75% of online sales are now happening through mobile devices. This aspect is similar regardless of whether you are a startup or an enterprise webpreneur. If you want to boost you mobile-based sales, Shopify plus is the preferable option. Here are the reasons:

Ability to sell through apps

Like other customers, your clients are looking for ways to place their massive orders without living their usual activities. Say,for example, your customer loves playing games. The customers want to buy from you and without leaving the gaming activity. Shopify plus comes with features that enable you to transform any customer contact point into a selling point. Whether a customer is chatting with friends through a messenger app on their smartphone or playing a game on their tablet, they can purchase from your website without any challenge.  This aspect is not available on BigCommerce. Hence, this enterprise platform boosts your mobile commerce by allowing you to sell through apps.

Highly responsive and mobile-oriented templates

Selling on mobile devices calls for high responsiveness. As you might be aware, mobile devices have different screen sizes. Despite this, you have to ensure your target customers enjoy a similar experience. The screen size should not be a limitation. With this reality, you need to consider an enterprise e-commerce platform with these capabilities.

Shopify Plus enhances your mobile e-commerce through offering you over 100 e-commerce website templates that are highly responsive. Hence, you will have a limitless opportunity to reach out to your customers. With BigCommerce enterprise, you will face several difficulties on your mobile commerce journey.

In a word, Shopify Plus is a reliable option for mobile commerce. The platform enables you to sell through apps. So, when a customer installs an app on their phone, you get a new selling opportunity. Now, the ball is in your coat.

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