//Are You Facing Financial Constraints? Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Consider Bigcommerce as Your Enterprise Solution Than Shopify

Are You Facing Financial Constraints? Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Consider Bigcommerce as Your Enterprise Solution Than Shopify

Financial constraint is not a strange thing. Whether you are an enterprise-level webpreneur or a startup, you will have a budgetary constraint at one time. However, this situation is not a mark to the end of your business journey. Instead, it can be your best opportunity for building a strong and stable online empire. One way to harness your success while at this point is enterprise platform selection.

Choosing a platform that helps you to save your cost is a good idea. BigCommerce enterprise is one of the leading platforms for enterprise-level business. With Shopify plus, they help you to move your merchandise or company to the online arena. Nevertheless, if you have a shoestring budget, you should consider BigCommerce enterprise than the latter. Here are 3 reasons for doing this:

Has lower monthly charges

Certainly, when you are facing challenges in your business, you need a platform that will fit with your budget. Working within your means enables you to avoid unnecessary debts that can lead you into further crisis. One way to reduce your costs is selecting the right enterprise e-commerce platform that is supporting your goal. BigCommerce enterprise is the best option in achieving this objective. The package for enterprise level online ventures starts from $400 per month. These charges are lower compared to the Shopify plus which is $2000 per month. In this essence, you save about $16000 which you can use in other activities in your business such as marketing campaigns.

No limitation on your sales volume

Imagine having to pay extra charges for selling more in your enterprise. How would you feel? Apart from the hefty monthly charges you pay on Shopify plus, you will need to pay 0.15% when your sales hit $800,000. You will need to pay this commission for each transaction. In contrary, BigCommerce enterprise does not have limitations on your sales. You do not pay transactional fees or have limitations on the number of sales you can make. Hence, it is a good option for you when you need to take your whole pie.

Integrates with third-party solutions

 As you know, integrations capability is the secret of enhancing your online success. Apart from having powerful features, BigCommerce enterprise takes your business to another step. It enables you to integrate your online store with third-party solutions. This enables you to use your favorable tools without spending extra costs. Shopify plus does not allow this without requiring you to pay hefty costs.

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