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The Ultimate Guide to Branding your Ecommerce websites

The world is moving online. There is a plethora of Ecommerce websites out there. The question has moved away from establishing a quality store using the best websites builder 2018 has to offer. Now, the question is about how you can further improve your Ecommerce store, to be distinctively relevant to your target audience.

This is where branding comes in. While many think that branding is only required in conventional sectors like FMCG, pharmaceutical etc, the fact is that branding is imperative in every type of business. This also includes Ecommerce. After all, branding gives you the distinctive advantage to build brand equity on.

Here is how you can build your Ecommerce brand

Focus on quality

First and foremost, you can’t built a brand without it having strong foundation. This is why before thinking about brand promises and essence, you first need to ensure that your Ecommerce website is good enough to retain customers. For this, you need to invest in the top websites builder available.

The chances are you will come across a wide variety of Ecommerce websites builder platforms. Some providers will even offer website builder free of cost. Your job is to look beyond the cost. Look at all the different features including compatibility, design flexibility, customer support etc. Sometimes even the best free Ecommerce website builder can’t deliver these features. Other times it can. It is all about sifting through the options and finding the right match.

It is imperative to build your brand on a solid foundation. And website builders provide this support. After all, how can you proclaim to offer consistent performance when your Ecommerce site doesn’t serve these functions seamlessly.

Stand for change

An Ecommerce store doesn’t just have to be a platform where people can buy certain products. Actually, in today’s age, it shouldn’t be. People nowadays are more attracted towards companies that stand for causes. Companies whose vision is to bring about change.

An important aspect of branding your Ecommerce site is making the right brand promise. Look beyond product quality. Instead, champion change through your platform. Showcase how you are making a difference in your industry or the world. For instance, a real estate provider can promise to provide transparent processes and accommodation for the masses. It can champion change by streamlining its documentation process to reduce fraud. Since it is changing the industry it is in, customers will be attracted towards you.

Coming up with a brand promise that champions change is just the first step. You must then incorporate this promise throughout your store. Whether it be marketing, finance, or operations, every decision you take should be aligned with this brand promise. Only then can your online store be considered a consistent brand.

Have the right motto

On the financial front, the goal of your Ecommerce website can be to meet your bottom line. But, this perspective can’t be the driver for your business. Instead, you need to build your brand by taking a customer-centric approach.

Make sure that your motto is to best serve your customers. This should drive all your decisions. By basing all your communication, operation and product development needs on the wants as well as the needs of the customers, you will be able to ensure that your customers trust your online store and hence invest in it.

Use the art of storytelling

Brand history is just as important as brand promises. This also holds true for Ecommerce stores. Since there is a lot of competition in the market, you are not just fighting for a share in the wallet of the customer. Instead, you are also fighting for a share in their mind. Let’s face it. It is impossible for a person to remember all the brands they come across.

How do you ensure that you make the cut? How do you guarantee that despite being bombarded with various stimulus, yours is the online store that sticks in their mind? You do so by building an emotional connect with your audience. This is where storytelling comes in.

People love stories. They are able to recall them more than hardcore facts. By using the method to relay your site’s history, promise and product, you are likely to be remembered. Also, you are likely to be trusted.

Therefore, to build your Ecommerce brand, tell your story to your target audience. Begin from the start. Why did you come into existence and what do you stand for? Why should people trust you? What is it that you provide? Here, both functional and aspirational benefits should be included. Be as conversational as possible.

Don’t promise what you can’t deliver

It is common for online stores to offer more than they can achieve. Sweeping statements like “Instant customer support” when in fact the said function is not this instantaneous can be disastrous for any company, including an online store.

This is because one thing that all customers hate is being disappointed. And whether or not they are disappointed with your offer doesn’t just rely on the quality of the experience. A given Ecommerce experience can be top notch and your customer base can still not be satisfied. Why? Because they were expecting more. And why were they expecting more? Because you raised their expectations with your promises.

For instance, let’s say you market that your offer same day delivery. But, in reality, you are only able to manage shipping and delivery within two days. On the outside, even two-day delivery system is impeccable. But, because customers expect you to be better, they will be disappointed unless you live up to your claims.

Rather than instilling extreme expectations in customers, a smart brand would be one which claims to do less but ends up doing more. By saying that you have an average of 5 day shipping period and then delivering the goods in two days will help you impress customers.


Brand your Ecommerce site in the correct manner to stand out. You are bound to see noticeable difference in your profit margins and conversion rates.


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